I know. It's been weeks since the last post. Weeks, and what seems a lifetime. Lets see if I can summarize. It was the waning weeks of September when I finally pulled myself up to make the decision that had been hanging around my neck for months. I wrote a letter (that wound up as an offense, which was far from what I intended) to tell my landlord that I had to move the gallery. To break the lease was something I was loathe to do, but ultimately saw no choice. I certainly didn't want to disappear in the middle of the night. It just isn't in me to do that. So I gave them 30 days notice, and waited. In the silence that followed the next question loomed. What will they do? Where will I go? I'd been looking around. There's ample empty in town, but where could I go that give me the best shot at getting back on solid ground with the gallery? Several options were presented to me, some I invited, some just showed up. In a town this small word travels so fast it takes on a life of it's own. I started hearing I was moving here, or there.

As the days past, I sat immobile, in the gallery, unable and unwilling to start taking things down. After two weeks I wrote my newsletter, to tell my customers that I was moving. I made it sound like I where I was moving was a secret. The truth is, I just didn't know at that point.

As soon as my newsletter was released a deluge of calls, emails and people dropping in filled me with hope and buoyed my enthusiasm. Frantic to make a decision on where to go, I sought guidance in prayer. I wanted handwriting on the wall, of course, but here's what happened. Suddenly all but one, one that I had not considered, one that presented itself to me, dropped from view, stopped returning calls and emails. It was clear to me. I waited three days. The amazing thing is, that after the decision was made, the calls and emails were suddenly returned. Too late.

As I looked around the gallery and the hundreds of pieces, literally, at the pottery, the sculpture, the jewelry, the paintings, the prints and the am I going to do this? Enter the ladies. A cadre of my top artists showed up on the appointed day and by noon all the work was off the walls, the pottery packed, the jewelry, everything. By noon, we had some men too, and by about 3, the gallery was empty of art and all that was left were the big iron and glass jewelry case and furniture! The next day more help came to take what remained, and to help me clean. We were done by 1. With everything securely stored, 48 hours later I was on a plane headed for Mexico. Oh...did I forget to mention that? Way back last spring, in March and April, John and I put gifts together with tax refunds and prepaid for a vacation. Air and accommodation from Oct. 29 to November 27. No idea that I'd be out of luck and hope and moving the gallery in the days before the trip. Why is everything stored? So the new space can be made ready for the gallery. That's a miracle too. The space wasn't really available. There were people in those spaces. They are all moving to other spaces in the building, to accommodate ME! No, I didn't ask them to, it never occurred to me to be there. And it will take time. In the month that I'm here, they'll all move and openings in walls will be cut. But over time, and as I can do it, we'll replace carpet with wood and tile. I'll go slow, as I able, in a resolute effort to not further encumber myself and even to lighten the load.

I'm trying to rest, to paint, to peel off the layers of stress and weight that have accrued in the past months. It's not quite as easy as I had hoped. There's still alot hanging over my head, but I'm getting there. The blog post is proof. I have so much support, from my husband, my artists, and from the is a humbling and blessing experience to find that. Thank you...all of you. Thank you. You know who you are. May the blessing you gave me, return to you 1000 times.

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