UNESCO Santa Fe International Conference on Creative Tourism

Well, I said I'd try to post...so here it is. It's been so very busy and for me, just a tad chaotic, but here is the overview so far. (One more day to go)

First, Grace. Yes, my beloved dog. Poor thing. I stayed with her all day the day of arrival, walking with her, comforting her. I mentioned that last time. Monday I went and came back on a break, and calmed her, played with her. Monday afternoon I had an "away" workshop (more on that) and was gone all afternoon. When I returned, an employee of the property said, " that dog barked nonstop. The dog catcher came and was gonna fine us." Shocked, I said, "I'm so sorry, I'll take care of it". But How? What was the deal? Next morning I forewent the morning sessions, packed her up, and drove her home. Frantic I called my neighbor who immediately stepped up to take care of her. Tears streamed down my face all the way. I so wanted to have her with me, to have her happy. So many noises, dogs, cars, people, sirens.

I came back and came to the condo first, to freshen up (four hour round trip). While here I heard the banging, the machinery, the sounds of construction. No wonder she was upset! Not Fair! I thought...but too late now, and back to the conference it was. Sigh.

So, the conference. Much to my delight it "smaller" than I imagined. Maybe they planned it bigger, but this works for many of us who wound up here. People from 21 countries, all wanting to "join the conversation" so to speak. It is been a valuable interaction, particularly when then leave us to our own interactions, some orchestrated, some not. The keynote speakers have been great...and genius to put them first thing in the morning, when we're fresh and awake, and not at 4:00 when our brains are receiving no more than our derrieres can endure!

My favorites so far? Charles Landry. I'd love to have copies of his slides. Great presentation!

Best workshop, well, tough to say. I had an absolute blast learning Encaustic. Yes, it's an art medium, not a philosophy. It was so much fun! Melted wax mixed with pigment, painted on board. Exhilarating, and more on that later. The Eric Maisel Creativity Workshop was equally as fabulous, yet totally different. And the studio tour in Eldorado was as enlightening as it was fun. There is actually alot more to say about all of that, but I'm tired and hungry and I think I'll go find some dinner.

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