Sunday, October 5 and Reflecting (

Wow. Can't believe it's Sunday already...and already October 5th. I'm shaking my head, can you see it? I lean back, head against the chair. Partly exhausted, partly refreshed. I just laid my brush down. Drying time required. My eyelids are heavy..from lack of sleep and intense activity.

The conference was good...part of me regretting that I was there. First the Grace debacle (described below) then the endless "I should be......" stuff. At any rate I did finally relax into the rhythm of the conference. Met some great people, had good conversations and found myself pulled outside the normal context of Angel Fire. That was good. Back now and contemplating how to be a catalyst for creative tourism. We're so much on the cusp of so much! There is so much inertia to overcome! At this juncture I don't even know if I have the energy to pull it off anymore....but it's likely I'll find it. I can't imagine not.

Forecast for today was snow...and while it's 53 degress as I type, Wheeler peak is dusted white. Here it comes...slow or fast is anyone's guess. And so much yet to do. ack. skip that thought. It'll just depress me.

So, back now to encaustic (mentioned in the last post). If you haven't googled it yet, it's basically painting with pigment infused into melted wax. Way fun. Toxic though, so make sure you have good ventilation and a mask if you're going to try it. I'm still digesting the process (not literally, of course) and will likely revisit the topic, but for now it's back to watercolor and my soothing stress relief with a brush. The camera is in the truck, and I'm frankly too lazy to go get it and set it up, so no video right now.

So quiet here. it's type, nap or paint. hmmm. think I'll paint.