Painting on a wet, grey chilly afternoon

Well, it's not Sunday, but close enough and I need to let my painting dry. May take a while since its watercolor on canvas and its' pouring a cold rain outside. Relaxing though. Actually, just cold enough to make long for the encaustic again. There's really just something about that hot, brightly colored wax that makes me smile. Yes, I'll be doing it again, just as soon as i can figure where and how. The hot pigment (sometimes toxic, like the cobalts and cadmiums) waft into the air. Can't do that in the gallery, where I generally end up painting, since more oft than not its where I am. Not at home studio either...not good enough ventilation to counter the fumes. But it calls I'm sure I'll figure it out!

So, back to watercolor it is. Besides, I've been working on this project for about, hmm, four months or so. It's a Diptich, but vertical this time. Two 24 x 18 canvases. Hollyhocks. The tall, leggy, big bright blooms lend themselves to a vertical diptich. It'sbeen fun, but so much layering to get those bold colors, it's taken a long time. Getting there though. Will be done within a week or so I think. YAY! I'll post photos, but no video this time or it would suck away tons of bandwidth and time! I spose I could speed it up...that might actually be comical!

To be honest, I'm on pins and needles. Today is the 11th of October. I'm headed South soon, to paint in Mexico (have you signed up for the class yet? There is still here.) So why the pins and needles? Because I have asked to be let out of my lease for the Gallery.
I sent my notice on September 30th. I've heard nothing. Silence. Limbo. Cross your fingers, and pray for me. I'm determined, but stuck. I'll let you know what happens as soon as I know. I'm hanging on............ If I move I can save ALOT of $$$. It's scary and overwhelming. My lease is not up till July, but I don't think I'll make it till then if I don't make some serious changes. Like moving. It's a visibility thing, but more, it's a $$$ thing. Economic disaster isn't trickling down, but rather, pouring, like the torrent of rain outside. But I do have options...IF I can move, but here's the clincher...I need to do so by October 24. AAAAAAACCCCCCKKKK! Speaking of moving, maybe it's time to move South permanently. The headlong hurl toward socialism has my stomach churning and my heart burning. NO! NO! NO! The two national parties look pretty much the same to me. Only left and lefter. I know I'm pretty much an anomoly, an advocate for the arts, an artist, a gallery owner and NOT a Democrat (read Socialist).

Thomas Jefferson, if only you were here now. Or would your voice only be drowned out in the cacophony of naysayers and liars that call themselves the media? I'm sick of it. Period. Now I've got myself all worked up again. Better go see if that painting is ready for more.

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