Rich Schefren (My Mentor) Does it AGAIN!

Wow. I can't believe he pulled off 25 hours of live streaming video, answering questions from people around the globe. I'm so privileged to be one of his students. I've already learned so much, and made so much progress with Rich's guidance and input, but this new report he released ("The Uncertainty Syndrome: Entrepreneurial Emergency") is PACKED with insight, ideas and solutions. I've been working through the Theory of Constraints for nearly a year, identifying what holds me back, but the constraints he identifies in the report showed me I've been missing some important ones.

Constraint 4 Was A Smack In The Face...

I've been going through the report and scribbling notes as fast as my fingers will fly....

You got your copy, right? Get it here.

Because Constraint #4 was like a sledgehammer between the eyes for me. I mean, in the back of my mind, I KNEW this was a problem. But I had no idea how BIG of a problem it really was.

And how much money I was losing from it.

But what's really cool is, Rich doesn't just pull the problem to the surface and say, "Wow, that's ugly. Sure wish you could do something about it."

No, he offers a Silver Bullet solution for each constraint, with proven tactics to help you overcome these nasty barriers.

And I gotta tell you, Rich has misnamed them.Because they aren't silver.

They're PURE GOLD.

Get your hands on a copy of this FREE report today. You won't know what you're missing (or how much money you're losing) until you do.

More later.

P.S. Once you discover the secret to overcoming Constraint #4, head to page 48 and read the bit about the Urinal Rule.

Talk about an eye-opener...

I'm so jazzed!

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