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Things have slowed to a crawl here in Angel Fire, and dismay with the local newspaper notwithstanding I've been in painting bliss. Free speech had nothing to do with it. That they printed a blatant attack on the character of our Mayor, our new CEO of the EDO, and the hard working volunteers that are intent on improving the community, had me furious. That they devised a headline pulled from the tabloids to sensationalize it, was downright mean.

And enough on that. Thank God I had a commissioned order to fill, because it got me painting again, and Thank God that the commission was to paint on Yupo paper, because I had to rinse and wipe it off three times before I did something I was happy with. While I didn't film the wipe off parts, I did film the final process and the "lifting" technique I used to create the daisies. You can watch the video here. (It is just under 10 minutes.)

And here is finished triptic:

Each one is 6 1/2 x 18. I'll finish them with a white mat and black frosted metal frame. Painting on Yupo is an incredibly free-ing process to me. The brush and paint just glide across the paper, moving and blending, rich and true color. It does take a long time to dry...especially if it's raining outside! But it's worth the wait!

On other matters, my newsletter will be out within the next 24 hours, and I finally got the new website uploaded, complete with that shopping cart I've been working on for what seems like forever! At any's "Done" (somewhat of a misnomer, since what's on there will hopefully change on a regular basis! (as items sell!) At least I learned alot in the process. The company I bought the editor from, Ewisoft, was incredible helpful in working with me to figure it all out. I'm on a first name basis with their Tech Support!

It will likely be quiet today as the road (Crestview Drive) is being paved (YAY!!) and there is a detour to get here. We've waited a long time for this! I'm hopeful the paved road will be the begining of the "easy to find" improvements we (the tenants) need to help ensure our success! Yay, and thank you, Alex and Jerry!

Back to work...see ya!

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