learning web 2.0

It's been an uphill learning curve. Being quiet on all things personal while standing willingly on stage for all things art, this web 2.0 thing has had me flummoxed. "Is it safe?" I asked myself. I guess, at the ripe old age (that I am now) I'm more concerned with learning, growing and finding out more about who my friends and customers are. How can I really serve if I don't know that? I get that much. It's no conversation if I'm talking to myself. I'm learning that it's all about you, not what I think. And that most of the me, I've been wrong on that. The interesting thing is, that the way the journey goes, it's not discouraging to know I've been wrong, but encouraging that I could figure that out and move on! I read on my friend J's blog that she misses the days (brief) when friends could sit around the table and debate, disagree, and even argue..and still walk away friends. I think that day is at hand again, if we choose it. The politics of hate and fear I hope will bounce off us like rain on a freshly waxed car.

It reminds me, actually, of the poppy. You don't see poppies in cut arrangements, decorating tables in fine dining establishments. You don't see cut poppies anywhere. Cut them and they die in a matter of minutes..drooping their lovely heads in defeat. Left with their roots intact, shining their faces toward the sun collectively, whether there are 5 or 5,000, their collective smile is contagious to all who look upon them. Yet, they are maligned, abused and destroyed. Here is a poem I wrote about why I paint the poppy:

Poppies are...
Misused & Abused
Killed by Governments
Fragile and,
Connected.....Like We Are.

That's why I paint them. The muse in me is pondering flowers. I've been told many times that I'm the rose....most notably known for the layers and layers of petals amidst the many thorns. I can see that and it's probably true though I'd smile more if it were the fragrance and beauty that inspired the likeness! hmmm.

What about you? What flower are you most like? (just for fun..a fun diversion to make those foul things bounce off) Yes, I'm bouncing around here. It's allowing for the stream of consciousness to show itself on this blog. wahoo.

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