here I am in Santa Fe

It's Sunday afternoon. My normal "post now if you haven't all week" day. I'm posting with my dog Grace at my feet, hoping she'll calm down. Finally her ears are drooping and peaked, listening to all the sounds of the city. She is so not used to that. This is a grand experiment with her. She's never traveled with us before. It's just me and her now, but I think she'll calm more when Dad shows up tomorrow.

I'm here for the Unesco Creative Tourism Conference. I have high hopes that I'll come away with some gem for increasing Art Tourism in my tiny town of Angel Fire, more known for its outdoor recreation than its Art. Though if you know me, you know I am heaven bent on changing that. Yes, heaven bent. At any rate, I'll try and post frequently, let you know what's going on down here and how it can benefit Angel Fire...and many other communities who care to try.

It's much warmer here than I am used to, and for Grace too, so we retreated from the little garden to the air conditioned casita. Believe it not, I haven't lived in an airconditioned space for fifteen (15!) years. Air, yes, breeze, air conditioning required at 8500 feet. When I was loading the car at 6:30 am this morning it was 34.

Ah, Grace is asleep. The droning of the a/c and the clicking of keys on the laptop did it. Yay. Now if she'll stay that way for a bit. I need to leave in a couple of hours and head to the convention center to register. Anyone one else here for this?

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