Fall in New Mexico

I had to drive to the city yesterday..to retrieve my husband from the airport. A typical day of dashing from store to store to "stock up"...winter is coming, you know. No, I'm not living outside the moment, exactly. When you live at 8500 feet, 45 minutes away from most everywhere, planning is a part of life. I took my cues from my stop at the super walmart (sorry, I can spend $140 there on what would otherwise cost $225.) I was there at 7:45 a.m. It was almost bliss. The aisles were nearly bare of carts and screaming kids, and to ensure my shopping bliss, the chili roasters were fired up and roasting those lovely New Mexico Green Chiles. It made my mouth water, and my mind fill with memories in the kitchen with all my friends, peeling chiles and laughing when someone rubbed their eye...not that it was really funny...but it was.. everyone knows not to do that when peeling chiles!

So that's it...that's my cue that it's fall (or quickly will be) and time to get ready for winter. The smell of roasting chiles has hung in my nose, while I painted the radiant barrier paint on the inside and outside of the garage doors, the regular doors leading into and outof the garage and all that. Next comes the top coat, some nice color of my choosing. I'm leaning toward blue that will closely match the roof for the garage doors. I'll likely do that tomorrow, either before or after i plant the bulbs for next year. Thank goodness miss J is working for me tomorrow! I definitely need the time!

In the meantime the dryer is telling me to come fold the clothes. So much for my day "off".

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