Don't Use DHL!!!!!!!!

I'm so furious I could explode. Fedex showed up today, as requested to pick up a package. UPS visits me, wanting my business. DHL? Here's the story. I created some post cards. I ordered rush printing, they did. I ordered 2 day shipping. They did too...but the shipper was DHL. The package left the printer on the 15th. It arrived in Santa Fe on the 17th, they day I should have recieved it. Unlike FEDEX and UPS who GET that Angel Fire is a GROWING village with VITAL business, who GET that our money is as good as anyone elses, DHL DOESN'T GET IT. When I didn't get the package, I looked online and saw that the package was "transferred to delivery courier" on the 18th. I'm writing this on the 21st and I still don't have the package. The printer, being true to their pledge of outstanding customer service, refunded me. Which is nice, but DHL says, 'We'll try to figure out when it will be delivered."

The building manager says the delivery truck was in the parking lot on Friday...I was there and saw it too.....but they delivered not my package. I called on Saturday and was told 'I'm sorry, our service centers are not open and I can't tell you where the package is or when it will be delivered." Wow. That, my friends, is NOT customer service. Don't use DHL.

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