Uh oh! Now what?

I should have pulled the covers over my head and stayed in bed. The fog filled skies should have warned me away. Bullheaded as I am, I headed out anyway. I drove to Angel Fire, and headed for the bank. I pulled into their driveway and began to turn into a parking spot when suddenly the engine stopped. Completely stopped. wierd. I turned the key, the radio still playing. Nothing. no click, no cough, nothing. The "check engine" light came on. duh. I went into the bank, called AAA and my car guy, Allen. Then I called a friend and he came and got me and delivered me to the gallery. I'm hoping that by now my truck is in the garage at Allen's place. Good grief. The fog is gone but the skies are increasingly darkening with heavy water laden clouds. Looks like another rainy afternoon is headed our way.

Quiet here, no cars in the parking lot. No traffic on the road. Blah. Guess I'll paint. It'll surely put me in a better frame of mind.

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