Dreary Day, Painting Bliss

The gray skies are reaching nearly to the ground and the slightly heavier than mist is drenching the valley. The Gallery is quiet save for the xm radio playing and the sound of the keyboard click click clicking. I'm waiting for my newest painting in process to dry so that I can proceed. It's watercolor on Yupo paper and wet wet wet, rather like the outside right now, so I thought I'd post. When I resume, I'm going to video it...so watch for some new video in the next few days, at least I hope so.

Cars are driving in, and slowly passing, clearly checking to see what's here, but they are not stopping...guess they don't want to get wet. Oh well.

Tomorrow is my birthday. 08-08-08. I don't know whether to be excited or terrified. Probably neither, but it's interesting that few in the population will have a birthday like this. I'm hoping it's a good thing.

Speaking of good things, here comes someone. more later.