Mike Filsaime Restored My Faith

I had a sinking feeling. I'd been carrying this weight around on my shoulders for a couple of months. Without going into the long and boring details, I needed relief, and help to sort through the myriads of busy things I was running to, hither thither and thon. Rich Schefren would say it was an ABC problem. I didn't have ABC. But ABCABCABCABCABC ad infinitum. In the middle of all that a couple months ago I delved into yet another, and today, Mike Filsaime rescued me. I contacted him, and explained my dilemma and he let down a rope to pull me up. He's never met me before. He dealt with me fairly and honestly and I learned a lot in the process. He didn't have to. I'm sure he gets a bazillion emails everyday. He didn't even have to read it, but did, and responded too, which he also didn't have to do. Why am I telling you this? Because he's all over the internet, and I wanted to chime in and say, he's the real deal. Smart, highly successful, and still honest and approachable. It's remarkable...and so I'm remarking. Thank you, Mr. Filsaime. I won't forget it.

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