Fingers Crossed and on My Knees

OMG! What an endless parade of tragedies large and small have plagued the opening of both the Mountain Theatre And the Angel Fire ArtsFest! From Salmonella and Cancer to "just can't pull it together", it is a wonder we're pulling it off! Thank you Jacqui...and John (my John) for stepping in at the last minute. Even my new student Jennifer came to the rescue! Tickets are going fast and it looks like we'll actually open!

As for AFMT, Robin saved the day(s) and Diana ended up at the gallery more than I did! But, open we did! Wednesday opened The Dining Room and wow! what a show! The audience loved it and even gave a standing ovation at the end! Final show is Saturday night and I'm looking for more chairs!

I think I need to sleep for a week to catch up. Not that that is likely to happen. Ah, well, Fall will be here soon enough. In the mean time I'm just doing my best to keep up the most important tasks (like paying bills) but laundry is lagging behind and if don't do some soon we'll be walking around in the buff. Not a good idea, especially when afternoon thunderstorms drop the temperature to 50.

So...Diane, be well-and fast! Jacqui...hang in there and THANK YOU! John..ditto..and more! Diana (and Bill), and Robin, and Jimmy...and Wing and Jane...there are not words, so THANK YOU will have to do.

If you're in the area...don't miss the last performance of this show on Saturday (yes tomorrow) There are more shows to come, but this one closes. And now, so shall I.