Ahh, Beautiful Sunday Morning

I'm sitting on my front porch, the sunshine glistening on Eagle Nest Lake, and the Red Tailed Hawk hanging effortlessly in the air as if suspended on invisible wires. It is 77 degrees and it just doesn't get much better than this! The dog, Grace is sniffing the trails of last nights visitors and the columbine are reaching out to let the sun light their multi colored faces. It's a compelling reason for the creative muse to emerge. I must write or paint. Since I have to go to work in a couple hours I opted for writing...plus my paints are at the gallery so the choice was easy!

The performance of the Mountain Theatre Children's Workshop was way cool. What those kids accomplished in a week was nothing less than astonishing. With the guidance of Beth Tafoya, the choreography of Diane Peterson and creative costumes designed by the kids and crafted by Carol Verry and Allison Batchelder, the story of the history of Angel Fire came to life on the stage. From the creation of the high mountain valley to calling of the Sun, the Moon, the rivers and critters, the roots of the name Angel Fire came to life. Rooted in reality with a sprinkling of the mystical and silliness, it was a delight to watch. Now I'll get to work editing the video for parents, grandparents and others. It was fun, and also a great relief that we pulled it off and it was richer and purer than what we saw in the past from Tech. No going back now...at least not to the way we used to do it. We dug deep and found gold. My deepest thanks to those named above who made it happen. Kudos!

Once the video is done I'll post some clips here, so stay posted. Hope to have that done within a week. In the meantime it's time to refresh my iced coffee. Ahh, nearly perfect!

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