Been a busy bee this morning!

Rising out of the funk I seem to have been in. Not sure what put me there, but I'm done with that now that I see it. Yesterday was cathartic. I did the laundry, mowed the lawn, pulled the weeds, watered, and trimmed the dead branches from the rose bushes and potentias. I think the winter killed the giant chamisa next to the house...sad about that. I'll find a way to chop out the dead in hopes the roots will thank me. In the mean time, John and I sat outside on the porch, sipping drinks for the first time this year. The dog (Grace) went for swim in the neighbors pond and we all went to bed last night with a smile and slept! Yahoo! You never appreciate a good nights sleep till you have one after a long spell of being awake from 2am -4am every morning.

Real Spring is finally here (now that the calendar says it's almost Summer!). The aspen are leafing out with that brilliant chartreuse of spring green. The breeze is finally almost warm and the columbine are a few days from blooming. Ahh.

So this morning, I realized it had been more than a month since I updated my squidoo lenses. Spent a few hours doing that. Check them out:

We're still in a quandry what to do about the cell service since T-Mobile lied to us about being able to use their service and now they are cancelling our contract. Talk about bad business!
We're working with our Village Councilor Stuart Hamilton to try to find a good solution. It's not just important to us...but to the whole community and to our customers, our visitors and those who own second homes here. It's a common complaint. "My cell works everywhere but here". AT&T is apparently our best hope. There is room on a cell tower on the ski mountain....Please, please, AT&T...put your cell on it! I'd bet that the vast majority of cell phone users here would switch in a heartbeat. We (John and I) are not the only ones being cut off by T-Mobile. I know dozens of people in the same boat.

In the mean time, now that my head is out of the fog I'm working on catching up all the web 2.0 stuff, and giving the gallery a thorough once over and cleaning. It smells good too! It's been completely rearranged. If it's been more than a few days since you were here, you'll hardly recognize it! The MVAC's Reflections show is up till June 22. It looks great! Thanks to all the artists who entered, and congrats to the lucky (skilled) winners! Second Place went to a cool photo by Michael Blassone, from Taos. It was the first time he ever entered a show! Way to go! First Place winner is Jeanne Green, a lovley work on canvas "Reflections of a Coot". And Best of Show went to our own Jacqui Binford-Bell, for "Past Reflections", mixed media on canvas. Take a look at that one! It's Stunning!

Wow, this post has turned into a book! At any rate, Kat is Back! Yay!

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