Harumph. Cogs in the Wheel of Economic Development

Good grief. It's nearly halfway through 2008. One would think that cell service and access to it, reliably, should be a no-brainer...only a complex plate of choice.

Alas, not so. I learned today that my provider for the past year or so will terminate our accounts as of this time next month. Why? Late payments? NO. Apparently, we roam too much. No, that doesn't mean we travel all the time. We roam where we live. We roam at the Gallery. We roam in Angel Fire, Eagle Nest and in between. We ran in to this problem before, not that long ago. After 20 some odd years as a Verizon customer, they informed us they would no longer provide service in our area. In that case, it's NOT THE NETWORK. I'm not just annoyed. I'm a few steps beyond that. I dialed the 800 number on the letter. The customer service rep I spoke to said, "Yes, I would be very upset too. But it is just a business decision." I said, "When is it good business to alienate and terminate hundreds, maybe thousands of customers?" She said, "Well those roaming charges we pay with some company called 'Plateau Cellular' are so high it is unprofitable." Not wanting to unload on her (not her fault), I decided to blog. GRUUURUURUR. Two steps forward, three steps back. It's bad for locals, and it's bad for our visitors who come with bluetooth headsets on the ear, but no signal on the phone.

It's 2008. Give me a break.

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