Beautiful Day of Rest

In the chaos that has been my life recently, now I am quietly enjoying my only day off in the next 8. Tomorrow I begin the big move to the new "Angel Fire ArtSpace Too". What? Gee, did I not mention this? Of course I didn't. It was all a big Secret...but the word is out. I'm opening a second gallery, though it's small, at the Resort. Just a few steps from the Village House, below the Chili Lift. Or, just outside the doors of the Garden Court. Tomorrow I take a truck load of art, jewelry and office supplies to the new space. Tuesday I have an all day Chamber Planning meeting, Wednesday I'll set the new space up and make it look smashing, Thursday, I work at the main Gallery, Friday, is the GRAND OPENING of the new space. Oh, and Friday night? The May Fourth Friday Reception! Egad! Craziness! The Gallery does look fabulous if I say so myself. Last week more than 25 new pieces went up on the wall. Totally new. Just in time since next weekend is Memorial Weekend, and both Galleries will be open Sunday...and Monday. If I can make it that long! Of course, I will, but this may be the last post till the following Tuesday!

At the same time, I've been madly working on rebuilding the July Season of Angel Fire Mountain Theatre after the badly timed cancellation by Texas Tech. News on that front will hopefully be coming in the next few days. We are very close to a deal. It won't look anything like the past 11 Seasons..but it will be First Class.

Coming on the 30th (a week after the 4th Friday) the Gallery will host a reception for the Moreno Valley Arts Council's "Reflections" show. The juried, themed exhibit features works by artists from around Northern New Mexico, in everything from photographs to works in watercolor. It is all 2-d work. It promises to be fun and way different from the usual fare at the gallery. The Artists Reception will begin at 5:30 and awards will be presented at 7pm. Be sure to check it out. Businesses are invited to get a sneak peak for advance purchases at 5pm.
Proceeds from purchases will be benefit the MVAC and the Artist.

My plate is very full right now...and I'm definitely not hungry!

The weather is lovely right now..crisp, clear and bright blue skies. It's a great time to come to Angel Fire! See ya soon?

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