Beautiful Angel Fire Day

It's Saturday afternoon. The sun is shining in a manganese blue sky. I am at ArtSpace TOO! at the base of Angel Fire Resort Ski Mountain and Jacqui is gallery-sitting the main gallery. There is only one missing ingredient......people! I'm sitting with my laptop in my lap and a pina collada slushy on my left. The new Maui Wowi is open next door and they should do well based on the tastiness and coolness of their product. Hopefully some of their customers will wander in here too.

I tried painting outside, but it was too much direct sun and I didn't want to look like a lobster at the end of the day. At least I have some time to write.

I'd take a picture to show how gorgeous it is, but my camera batteries are dead. oops.

Not much to say I I'll sign off for now and make some flyers to print.

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