Starting the Conversation

It occurred to me that perhaps it's unclear on this blog, just exactly how one can post comments to my queries. Here's how: click the "comments" link at the bottom of my post. That will open a posting box for you. Then you simply type and save/post.

So, I've been asking what you'd like to see demonstrated in my next video. Notice, I said video, not DVD. I'll do a series of short lessons and post them here for you to see....FREE. Some possible topics are: basic watercolor techniques, painting watercolor on Yupo paper, Watercolor on Canvas, Pouring and negative painting. Or we can explore pastel and drawing. The basic drawing technique of my Shape Memory Method (TM) is already posted here, but we can go much further with drawing as well.

Now it's up to you.

In the meantime I'm headed to Los Alamos today. If I had wings I could be there in minutes, the wind is blowing so hard. (Unless of course, it's blowing the other way!) I'll be off line for most of the next few days, but will check back in the evenings. I'm looking forward to hearing from you!