Not Quite Really Spring

Just as I was prepared to take the snow image off of this blog, I woke up this morning and lifted the blinds only to see snow flying yet again...and accumulating, though as the day wears on and the temp slowly rises, it's muddy slush now. Whew, that was a mouthful! Sorry. Guess I find myself in a reflective mood, writing is almost as soothing painting. I'll get to that shortly too. In the mean time, for those of you who are my students...or will be, I'm wondering something. My DVD, "How to Paint a Poppy That POPS" is selling, albeit not as quickly as I hoped. I'm hoping that you'll post some comments here so that I can figure out what you would like me to do next. Is the DVD too specific for you? Would a more general painting or drawing lesson be better? I have all kinds of ideas, and I'll likely make some new videos that are short lessons in both...and post them here so you can watch them FREE. Before I figure how to do that (make the camera watch me paint) I'd really like to know what you'd like to learn? Some options are: Learning to draw what you see...not what you think you see; How to let the paint lead you on Yupo paper; Painting a floral in two minutes or less on Yupo paper; Painting watercolor on Canvas; Fun painting with stuff from your kitchen. I could keep going... but I'd like to hear from you.

On other matters, I got the schedule for Angel Fire Mountain Theatre from TTU last night. It is now up at

It looks like a great line up. We're also moving full steam ahead with the 27th Annual Angel Fire ArtsFest. The show is full and we have artists coming from literally all over the country! This small but rich show just keeps getting better every year. Check out for more information about that. Artists: mark your calendars for January 15th and head to that page to download the application for next year. We don't mail them anymore...too expensive. Shoot me an email from the site above to be added to the email list for notification.

In the meantime I'm still up to my ears in homework and assignments for the now infamous Maven Bootcamp I attended in Orlando. I can hardly believe it's been nearly two months. Maybe that's because I barely get one assignment done before the next one comes down the pike! Talk about intense! At least it keeps me distracted during the long quiet days at the gallery this time of year.

Oh,! Need to get that done too! That's fun for sure! I think I'll shoot Jacqui's work next. It's nice and bright, with a bit of mystical whimsy. It'll look good on camera, I think.

In the your comments! I want to hear from you. Like that old movie..don't even recall the name of it....."input needed!"

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