More on Drawing

So, did you watch the video? Did you draw the poppy? Did you know you can actually get that reference photo at my website? Simply click here to download the reference photo so you can learn to draw that poppy. Here's the secret: You can duplicate this method to accurately draw anything you want. You won't need a reference photo in the end. You will be able to focus on the shape of what ever is in front of you, drawing around the shape with your eyes, creating that shape memory. Then transfer that to your paper, in the very same manner as I demonstrate with the reference photo. Yes, as I said before, it takes practice. You are, in effect, training yourself to see anew. Most of us were taught to draw what we think we see, to draw what is, in fact what we think things look like. As a child to draw a tree, and what will you get? If I ask you to draw a tree, will not most of us draw that same tree that we have pictured in our heads for decades? That is exactly why it will take practice to un-learn what we thought we knew. To discover that everything we need to be able to draw is actually already in us. It is simply a matter of accessing that ability to see and instantly recreate that on a paper or canvas. From there, one can move on to interpretation of what we see which is the trademark of the artist.

Learning to draw may be the path to art....but it will definitely be the path to establishing a connection to your creative self. A tool to help you live a more confident, balanced life. More balance brings more contentment, less stress. Honest. Give it a try...and if you need help please let me know. Live better....learn to draw.

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