Snow, Snow and More Snow

Oh, gotta get that video camera. It is snowing, again. Or is it still? It is getting so deep on the north side of my house it's more than about 5 feet. I can't see out the window unless I lift the shade all the way!

And I'm walking with a smile none-the-less. I don't think I mentioned it here, but my local arts council has formed an alliance with surrounding communities, and namely, the Raton Arts and Humanities Council and active artists, arts organizations in Las Vegas, in a new coalition: The Northeastern New Mexico Arts Alliance. It is our aim to create an Art Trail that runs from Raton, down highway 64 through Cimarron and Ute Park, then over the mountains (and through the woods) to Grandmothers...oops, no, to Eagle Nest. From there on to the junction of highways 64 & 434 and turning left to Angel Fire, then on through Black Lake, a detour to Ocate, then back and down to Mora and then Las Vegas, which brings you back to I25. The exciting news is that we have been approved for start up funding (still one more hurdle to cross, but our odds are good) that will really set us on the path. (no pun intended.) Wahoo!

On top of that, my favorite candidate, Larry Leahy, just wiped out the competition in the Mayoral race in Angel Fire! Frosting on the cake: Stuart Hamilton and Deb May will be joining the council. Yet another WahOO! Life is good! I told you.....clarity and focus change everything. Not that I had anything to do with the vote...I can't vote in Angel Fire cuz I don't live there. It's just good. And good is, well, good.


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