Having fun

I know it's been a few days since I was here. Had to be out of town for a couple days and then there is always the catch up from that. Got back on Thursday afternoon just in time for a Chamber Board Meeting and then spent Friday preparing for my Fourth Friday Reception. Whee! Passed myself coming and going!

This is Sunday, my day off, and I'm having fun. I was building a new web site for the Northeast New Mexico Arts Alliance that will become the primary site for disseminating information about the upcoming Art Trail that you may have read about. I don't remember if I wrote about it here or not, but our press releases were picked up by the Raton Range and the Sangre de Cristo Chronicle.
Anyhoo....I got the website essentially built and then started learning about how to use Google Maps. Way Cool! and so very easy to learn! Wahoo! Check it out at www.nenmarts.org
and be sure to click on the tab that says "3Ts Art Trail with clickable map" It's too cool!

Now that the trail is moving ahead (almost taking on a life of its own) I'm breathing easier. If you are an artist, artspace or gallery along the trail, be sure to download the application after reading the eligibility requirements. Get those applications completed and in as soon as possible! We'd like to be ready to work on promotional materials for approved sites by May 30! (yes, this year.) I know it's a tight time frame, but required for our start up funding.

So, did I say I'm breathing easier? That was dumb. I'm still up to my ears in the Maven bootcamp materials and now I'm trying to digest Butterfly Marketing all at the same time. Have I lost it? Not likely. Just madly driven. I'm learning so much it makes me hungry for more! Education is a good thing! (too bad I didn't figure that out in school!)

So, the next video I'll do (I hope tomorrow) will feature the work of Jacqui Binford-Bell. A local to this lovely valley and a huge support to me, Jacqui is a fabulously creative lady. I've talked before about her masks (from which she retired, but I still have a handfull) and her new bright and somewhat mystical paintings. They are getting better all the time. I think you'll enjoy seeing it so I'll try and keep the camera still!

The snow is melting here, and the spring winds have returned. I've still got 4 feet or so of snow outside my living room window, along the north side of the house. As it slowly melts I'm optimistic about a plethera of columbine waiting to sprout underneath it. Take a look at this pic taken in January. Now you can see that it will take some time and warm temps to melt this pile of snow!

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