Getting the hang of Video

Finally got it! New Handicam is here and I can't stop playing with it! So this one's for you Roy Brown!

There will be a new one tomorrow! And then 29 more after that, not quite daily (I'm taking Easter off!) But I'm having so much fun it's hard to stop! Have to say, Thank you, Gary Vaynerchuk! Wahoo! I saw him at the much talked about conference that I went to, and after he blew us all away on the stage my first "action item" was 'buy a video camera', and so, I did, and Tadaaa!

Gary made us believe we could "come as we are" and say hello to the world, blemishes and all. What a relief! and What a blast! I'm certainly no pro, and it's definitely "as i am". I hope the viewers have as much fun watching them as I do making them! The big danger is, when will I paint! No worries. The more fun I have, the better and more I can! So check back for more tomorrow!