Cool new tools

Hey, Fun and cool stuff. Check out these cool new tools! This is an awesome tool. If that doesn't do it for you see this: Looks like the perfect thing to solve the "what file did I put that in? Where did I put those business cards? What was that URL? I can hardly wait!

Looks to me like everyone who's anyone is at SXSW in Austin this weekend. I didn't even know about it (how can that be? I haven't exactly had my head in the sand). I've been following the tweets ( of Rich Schefren and Gary Vaynerchuk ( and am determined to get there next time around. In the meantime I'm still working through the 100 page business growth strategy template I came with from the Maven Bootcamp. Not easy, believe me, but worth every moment of effort.

On local matters, we have a new Mayor and Village Council in Angel Fire! Wahoo! Landslide Larry (Leahy) will be sworn in tomorrow, as will Stuart Hamilton, Deb May, and Leahy appointed Al Lott. It's not lost on me that Larry, Stuart and Deb all campaigned on a 'Unite Angel Fire' platform. Voters made it clear that this agenda superseded even the lunar landscape roads around the village. Clearly, the attitude is that if we're working together those seemingly insurmountable issues will be manageable. While I couldn't vote (I don't own property in Angel Fire, just a business) I wholeheartedly support this and am excited about the future of our Village for the first time in years. I know it won't be easy....but nothing worthwhile is.

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