Break in the Weather, Unlocked the Painter's Block

Ahh, that the word? -12 yesterday morning as I drove to the gallery, the new 12-15" of pristine white snow as yet untouched, except for the elk track and the piles created by the snow plows. Beautiful scarcely says it...whether it makes up for the yet ongoing freezing winter is yet to be seen. Snow is coming yet again, but in the meantime my "Painter's Block" is broken. YAY! Yupo paper to the rescue! Coming shortly (as soon as I recieve that video camera I ordered) I'll show you how to pour and paint on the slick surface of Yupo (Synthetic) paper. It's a blast, I promise.

In the mean time, I spent the afternoon filling the long nearly empty Jewelry case of Danny Stewart. Of course, i also sent a newsletter about it and made so many typos my face is red! I even typed his name Smith instead of Stewart. Good grief...guess my head was dazzled by all the beautiful new pieces he brought in. Rings, earrings, bracelets (cuff and link) all in that fabulous inlaid work his is known for. If you're in Angel Fire, or headed this way stop in and take a look....If you've seen his case before you'll know it's often nearly empty. Come see it before it disappears!

Home now and Grace (my black lab) can't figure out why my laptop is on my lap instead of guess I'll sign off for now.

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