Brain Dazzling Conference with Rich Schefren & Jay Abraham

Wow. Believe me, that (Wow) is an understatement. If you get my newsletter you know I actually canceled the February Fourth Friday so I could head to Orlando for the "Live" Dream Team New Beginnings Conference from Strategic Profits. First, the conference packed in the value experience for participants. The "Dream Team": Rich Schefren, Jay Abraham, John Carlton, Frank Kern, Gary Vanerchuk, Maryellen Tribby, Jeff Walker, Tom McCarthy, Paul Scheele, and… Mike Filsaime. I don't think you could have put more power on that stage. Part of what made it so awesome was two-fold: the Dream Team was accessible. The conference, interactive. Here's the sweet end of the deal for can experience it too. The Live 08 home study course will put the Dream Team in your living room.

As the days sped by, they gained intensity as I then hit the space limited "Maven Bootcamp". The three day intensive, exhausting, exhilarating interactive exclusive still has my head a way. I have clarity and vision like I haven't had in years. Confidence packed with intent, purpose and plan. And there's home study of this one too...but be'll change your life!

I'm on a new and living course. I know what I want and am developing a plan to get there. Clarity and focus have given me an exhilarating weightless experience. Here's proof: I had been home less that 24 hours when I was notified by American Express that my card had been compromised. Since the card was in my possession, it was immediately evident that I'm somehow a victim of id fraud...on my gallery accounts.

This is the second time in less than 6 months. First my mastercard was compromised, the villain, whoever they are, using Western Union to access the cash advance feature and cleaning it out up to and over the limit. It took four months and 20 hours of phone calls to get that fixed. Then, pow, the crooks hit my AMEX card. How? Beats me. American Express, true to their exemplary customer service, had it fixed in 24 hours, new card and everything.

But here's the evidence: No tears. No pacing, tense overriding fear. I took care of it. Called in the claims, filed the reports (police report will get done tomorrow) gave notice to credit reporting agencies. It's not that I don't care, or that I'm numb. It's that I'm focused. Not dissuaded. Not shaken. Not beaten.

In this unsteady, uncertain time in which we live it is imperative to know who you are and where you're headed. It's purpose that sustains, vision that empowers and strength that is leveraged.

That's not focus looking inward, but outward. Consider the home study, but don't buy it and let it collect dust. Let your decision be commitment. It's worth it.

Now onward and upward. Back to work in laying out my strategy and plan. It's hard...and exciting. Can you see the smile on my face? Have a fabulous day!

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