going, going. and she's out'a here!

WOW! I simply can't wrap my right-sided brain around it! I'm headed for the conference and opportunity of the decade (at least). I'm headed to sunny Florida to the back to back conference with Rich Schefren and others. I'm headed to LIVE! conference the end of this month. My mind is boggling at the fabulous opportunity in front of me. I was invited to this call and, wham! bam! I'm headed east and south! Click here to hear the call yourself. It's life altering. You'll have to wait till I'm back for more on that and where I'm headed, so check back. In the mean time, my re-birthed site www.katherinesfineart.com is so very very close. There is just a bit of tweeking to do...so stay tuned for that, and then comes the new www.angelfireartspace.com headed your way in weeks (Its a big job!)
See ya!

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