What about New Mexico

Four times I tried to post on Fox News site. Four times ignored. here's the last one: Britt Hume, How Dare You!!???? You just smirked that you'd called all the races but Alaska. WHAT ABOUT NEW MEXICO? I've tried 4 times now to post here. NEW MEXICO gets LEFT OUT!
ENOUGH ALREADY. It's real clear politics. Stay home, New Mexico. It doesn't matter.

Ever read "One of our fifty is missing?" Really true in National Politics. Get rid of "winner takes all". Come on New Mexicans...TAKE A STAND! MAKE OUR VOICE HEARD! As soon as Governor Richardson stepped aside as a candidate, our 15 minutes was done. Not that the PRESS gave him the time of day. I Know the Republicans didn't vote today..but the Dems did. Good grief. Disgusting.

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