Bright Optimism for New Year

Ok, so I once again let months slip past without posting. I know, it really only hurts me in the end. Not that I'm not already chained at the hip to my laptop. It's not a lack of time. Mainly a lack of inspiration. Can I leave that behind me with all the challenges of 2007? We'll see.

Mercifully, after a long, lonely fall and early winter, the last week of December was on fire at the Gallery! and, well, YAY! It certainly helped to raise the level of optimism in my heart, though I generally see the glass half full, 2007 had me wondering about the wisdom of that. But, thankfully, moving on, 2008 is looking bright to me.

What's new? Let's see....

The Gallery is full of great new work from kaleidoscopes and stained glass by Ocate Artist Judy Osburn. I also have fabulous new work from Nancy Angulo Telles and Jacqui Binford-Bell. Coming later this month.....ArtZteeZ. 100% Cotton, Pre-shrunk, long-sleeved T-shirts emblazoned with works by Nancy Angulo Telles, Smith Holt, Jacqui Binford-Bell and of course, myself.

My web designer, Anna Stewart, is hard at work redesigning the web site ( and before long it will launch with a fully operational secure shopping cart. Watch for the ArtZteeZ to pop up there shortly after that. In the meantime the DVD, "How to Paint a Poppy that POPS! is selling both on my site ( and at! All that taken together makes for an awesome beginning for this year!

Maybe I can actually not have to go looking for inspiration on what to write!