Bad Blogger, Good intentions

Ok, I admit it. I'm not the ace at blogging that I'd like to be. I did have the best of intentions, you know, like "I'll do a blog and write everyday". Unfortunately intentions can't type and neither can they magically create time. I'd like to say "I'll do better", but I know better. I will, at least, try.

I see my last post was the end of August. Good grief. No wonder people loose interest. My bad. Ok, done with that, now time to move on. September came, and went. And so did I. I'm typing this with my laptop sitting where it got its name...on my lap and I'm relaxing with my feet up and the afternoon breeze is blowing off the ocean keeping the condo nice and comfortable. It's my last day in Puerto Vallarta and my paints are packed. Little wonder I finally found time to write. The past three weeks have been heavenly. Although days were hotter than I'm normally happy with, evening thunderstorms cooled us off most days. I took one week completely "off". No painting, no teaching, just swimming and relaxing from the chaotic summer. It was easy. The first week we were at the Buganvilas Resort Sheraton and their pools are fabulous while their internet is lousy, which made it easy to "turn off" and get some much needed r&r.

We moved from the Sheraton to Casa de los Arcos, high on the mountain on the south side. If you know PV and have a map, it's on Hortensias Street above Vista Grill. Lovely condo, 2 bedroom with full kitchen and great terrace/balcony. Inside/Outside living. Ahhh. The biggest downside is the fact that there is condo construction on either side of the building.and road construction to boot. Lots of noise and road mess. Fortunately for Susan and David, the owners, this too shall eventually pass! Check it out at and if you decide to book please say I sent you!

In spite of the noise I was still productive and will come home with 7 new paintings. I did 8, but one is staying here. (read, smile). I'll be putting images online shortly (as in within a week). And, yes, coming home reluctantly. I might try to stay longer but i miss my Grace (3 year old black lab).

I'll get home just in time for the October fourth friday reception at the gallery. Since I'm the one with the new work, the featured Artist will be me. I'll offer pre-framing specials on the works on paper so if you're headed to Angel Fire, stop in and check it out! Or, better...go to and sign up for my free email newsletter and you'll get access to the specials where ever you are!

Till then, Saludos!