I'm Back!

Wow. I can't believe what a blur July was! Fabulous, though, if I do say so myself! Thanks to all the hard work by Texas Tech theatre students, my board members and all the volunteers who helped make this season of live theatre a success. As you may have guessed my long absence here was due to the manic days of AFMT and Angel Fire ArtsFest too. No execuse, just fact.

But here I am again, and my wheels are spinning like mad. Its been a long time coming, but now my video project is days away from fruition! The contract signed with a reproduction house, the website under construction and my VISA card cracking under the weight, but with high hopes for wild success! My gratitude to all the help and partnership of Turri Video Productions. The video will retail for $49 and will be available at my gallery (Angel Fire ArtSpace) and online. The official site will be www.howtopaintflorals.com but there will be links to get there from the primary site of www.angelfireartspace.com

In the meantime, I've been a painting train. I've fallen in love with Fredrix Watercolor Canvas and I just can't stop! It's the most fabulous painting surface I've encountered and I can't imaging going back to paper, and framing and glass! I can put layers and layers and layers down and the canvas doesn't care. It takes it and more. The layering creates that deep bold bright color that I love.

This series, The Choral Series, I just finished. I had the first two (The Chorus and The Trio) at ArtsFest...the final one, The Soloist, (not pictured yet) I finished today. All are watercolor on canvas, finished with an archival clear varnish. Maybe the next video will be how to paint watercolor on canvas! Actually, if there's class you'd like to see in DVD, post a comment here and tell me what it is!

If you haven't signed up for my newsletter yet, do so at my gallery site (click the link above). Get notification of upcoming events and news, and even specials that are promoted only in the newsletter! This month, its the 4th Annual Music From Angel Fire Gallery Gala Reception on Thursday (not Friday) August 23. I'll have tons of new work (Roy Brown is bringing a bunch of new pottery) and we'll introduce our newest addition to the gallery, Taos artist, Tom Noble.
Make sure to mark your calendars to come!

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