Transition in process and back online

Ok, so I'm virtually challenged, but doggedly determined. Despite previous prognostications (based on what Dell told me) I am writing this from the new Vista machine. One more upgrade left to purchase (Norton Ghost) and I'll be almost fully restored (sans the Office that I'm waiting on) to pre disaster levels. Vista has its quirks, but I'm getting used to them and finding ways around them...more time spent not painting but lately such is life. And hopefully this is the last post you'll hear about it.

I'm awaiting final word, but it looks like one of my paintings will be the cover for the new local chapter Home Builders Associations' Parade of home publications. That will be very cool. Once they've published, I'll put it online.

To be blunt, I despise how stressed and on the edge I've been of late. Paint. gotta paint. gotta paint.