Ready, set......

I know its been a while since I last posted....lets just say I've been otherwise occupied. It suddenly reached panic stage in my head that ArtsFest is just around the corner...and I had little or no new work. Working under a deadline seems to motivate me now, I'm up to 10 and more in process, so while paper is drying and ideas are stewing, I'll write a bit.

Spring finally did come...and lasted a day or we're full into summer complete with the afternoon monsoon season. Thunder crashes and lightning flashes and then it torrents for about 5 or 20 minutes, dropping the temp like a lead balloon from low 80s to the low 50s. Nonetheless we in Angel Fire are madly working to prepare for the July 4th holiday and then BOOM, it's the opening of Angel Fire Mountain Theatre. July 5th is opening night with Daddy's Dyin', who's got the will? Then on the 6th it's Bullshot Crummond. Then, our philosophy of not competing (to the best of our ability) with other events, we're dark until the 10th, while the Village of Angel Fire hosts their summer festival on the 7th and 8th. On the 10th we'll open Catfish Moon and we're off and running. That leads right in to the Premier Reception of the 26th Annual Angel Fire ArtsFest. The Premier (July 13, 6-9pm) is the best party in town (sans my gallery receptions!) and well worth the $20 ticket. Live music by Christoff Brownell and catered by the Roasted Clove it's sure to be great night. Proceeds benefit the youth arts programs of the Arts Council. Good Fun, Food and good cause!

So, you can see...we're racing to the start and won't stop till we close theatre on the 28th. Woo! Yes, I'm clearly insane. Truly passionate for the Arts! You can read more about that on page 16 of the current issue of Enchantment Magazine, on stands now throughout the Enchanted Circle. And now, some EXCITING NEWS! My new VIDEO is complete and I hope to have the site up and running in a few weeks. HOW TO PAINT A POPPY THAT POPS is a my (first) one hour lesson in drawing and painting the poppy that you see here "Prima Dona". I'm tre' excited and can hardly wait to get it out there and for sale. Believe me, you'll hear about it when its done!

If I don't post again now know why! Oh, and gratitude to the Dell Customer Advocate who came to my rescue. Though the wheels of the giant turn slowly, my system is fully restored on this new laptop and the lemon is headed back tomorrow. Signing off for now..