Looking Up

Another glorious spring day at 8500 feet...and perhaps the inordinately early monsoons have given up for a while. And, after many hours and a phone growing from ear, Dell is finally doing the right thing and sending me a new laptop. My fingers are crossed that the interminable blue screens will be left just a fleeting memory, and I can reliably get on to major website renovations and the development of new ones. Speaking of that, I got a full preview of the upcoming Video project "How to Paint Poppies That Pop!" and wow am I excited! Just over an hour in length it's a full lesson from the what materials to buy to the drawing through the painting of one of those poppin' poppies I'm known for. I have high hopes for this and once I'm satisfied with sales we'll do another. I was lucky to find a wonderful videographer, Michael Turri of Turri Productions to help put together a profession video. I have a whole series brewing in my head!

If reviews from my "in person" students is any indication it should go well. (Click here to go to my classes page to see what some of them had to say.)

So...when will it be out? I'm hoping by early July. Believe me, if you read this blog, or get my newsletter, you'll know when its available and how to get it. OR.....order early and get yours as soon as they come out! The DVD is only $49.99 (introductory price). Click here to order yours now!

Between now and then don't miss the next Fourth Friday Reception at the Gallery. This Friday, May 25, 5pm - 9pm we'll be featuring the new works of local favorite Ms. Jacqui Binford-Bell. All whimsy you've seen in her masks are now in her new works in water media. Here's one to wet your appetite. This is called "Trail to Arsenic Springs". Don't you just love the color and design of this? I do. And there are many more that you'll be able to see front and center on Friday night.

Can't make it? Let me know right away and I'll do my best to get a selection on-line.

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