Sunday Afternoon

It's Sunday afternoon and the wind has turned a perfectly beautiful day to driving one indoors. Wind, not breeze, chills the air and runs it straight through you. I'm off today (yes, the gallery is open, 1-4 on Sundays) and preparing to go to my studio.

Before I do, I wanted to remind you (or tell you if you don't know) that the Inventory reduction sale is still in process at the gallery, or online. 20-30% off selected works of mine from mid 2006 and prior. "Daisies II Peekaboo" (on the left) is 30% off the listed retail price. If you're interested in a piece ( simply click the Contact button and fill in the form with your name, email and the title of the piece. I'll let you know which discounts apply. 20% off early 2006, 25% off 2005 and 30% off 2004 or earlier. This is not a sale which happens's just that I've been prolific recently and need the space!

Check it out now and get that piece you've been pining after!

I hope to see you soon.

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