Looking up & Forward

Ever have one of those days when everything seems to be against you? The wind blows the car door shut on your leg. You trip over your shadow and the mail you just collected from 5 different boxes goes flying. Once safely esconsed at your desk, you find that the latest blue screen crash made more of a mess than you thought and you can't open Quickbooks. Nor can you open Corel Draw. In the middle of typing, no words appear, because the batteries in the wireless keyboard have died.

Such has been my day. Beaten? Well, bruised, but not defeated. But I'm too stubborn to give up now. Though these April days are quiet (save the wind), and our locals who sought respite in the warm breezes of destinations further south are just trickling in, I am busy working on preparations for the chaos of summer. Specifically, laying the groundwork for the big events of July.

Progress on the advance work for the Moreno Valley Arts Council's 26th Annual ArtsFest is nearly complete. The Premier Reception on July 13, will be catered by The Roasted Clove, and Christoff Brownell will make you want to tapp your toes as you wander the booth's of this year's juried fine artists from around the southwest. For more info about the Arts Council or ArtsFest, please visit www.morenovalleyarts.org

The big job is getting everything ready for Angel Fire Mountain Theatre. This year the Resort cleaned out the ski school for us (YAY!) since hauling skis, boots and snow boards out and upstairs nearly was the death of me last spring! Ads are placed, housing to arrange, volunteers to coordinate, and on and on and on. We have a great line up shows this season (our 11th) opening on July 5th. Please go to www.angelfiretheatre.org for details.

Then theres the "sprucing up" of the gallery. New Artists, new art. I've been rearranging, and though I won't likely get the floor repainted, it will sparkle when the next Fourth Friday Reception opens at the Angel Fire ArtSpace. If you're in town, head for the gallery at 5:30 on the 27th for tasty treats, fine art and fun. Did you know that we have literally 100s of items under $100? And I just signed artist number 31! (Yes, I'm out of my mind).

Word is that my video is progressing and ready for a first pass approval next Thursday. I'm really excited about this...it was way fun filming it. Right up my alley, you know. Two disciplines that I love...painting and performing! It makes me smile to think about it.

I just finished another painting on canvas...watercolor. Another Poppy. I couldn't resist. There's just something about how they "put it all out there" when they bloom. Here's a photo of it. I love painting on the canvas. It's way more versatile than traditional paper...and I'll finish it with a coat of acrylic varnish to protect it so it can actuall be hung with out a frame. It's painted around all the edges.

It's time to close the gallery for the day. Closed, but you can always visit the online gallery. www.angelfireartspace.com Happy painting!

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