Hello Everyone!

Well, I've gone and done it! Perhaps a late bloomer but here goes with the blogging thing. As I type this first post it is snowing like mad...mostly horizontally from all the accompanying wind. April 13th and ooohh for spring time to really arrive! The gallery is quiet, the streets bare sans the blowing snow and ice. Once I press publish, I think I'll venture out and head home for a quiet evening with husband and dog.

While I'm new at this, I surely have plenty to say....those who know me, know that well. I am an artist, gallery owner and passionate about the arts. My gallery is the only one in this tiny but growing resort town, some 8500 feet in the mountains of Northern New Mexico. This winter (supposedly past, but reluctant to release us from its frosty grip) was a series of blasting storms. Great for skiers? Yes, if they could get here...or get out of their driveways. The first hit dropped some 58 inches and if you were here, you were stuck, if not, you couldn't get here. Winter roared in like a lion...and hasn't really been satisfied to a purr...at least not yet. What's good for the mountain is apparently not good for the gallery. To say it's been rough would be an understatement. Three weeks in January we were closed simply because no one could get here to open!

More on that later. Time for me to turn out the lights and head for home. If you find this, then please check out my gallery website at www.angelfireartspace.com

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