Bright Sunshine

Wow, what a difference 12 hours can make! Though it was a frigid start (19 at my house) the wonderful New Mexico sunshine is warming the air and melting the snow. I'm back at the gallery and preparing for a class this afternoon..."Pouring Watercolor and Innovative Masking". Should be fun, albeit a tad messy.

If you are one of the many who says,"I could never learn to paint...I can't draw a straight line", then I have news for you! Drawing a straight line has nothing to do with learning to draw. Coming soon, I'll be releasing my FIRST video! "How to Paint a Poppy that Pops" is a step by step guide to learning to draw and paint that painting that you'll be proud to frame! I'll also have an e-book version ready at about the same time (I hope). Sign up to keep up with the blog and you'll get early notice of the launch date. You can also head to
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Time to set up tables and lay out supplies. Happy Painting!

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